Tom Felton Harry Potter Interview


YouTube has offered the first glimpse of its new sci-fi thriller series fronted by "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton — revealing it is an "Alien"-like horror story on an isolated ship.

Feb 02, 2014  · Just enough time has passed for us to stop cringing at the sight of Tom Felton, who came to be known as the weakling bully Draco Malfoy. Even while working on the "Potter" franchise, Felton dabbled in other films, like "The Disappeared" and "Get Him to the Greek."

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Tom Felton was born in Epsom, Interviews with Professors & More. The Wrap All 8 ‘Harry Potter’ Movies to Return to Theaters Next Month.

Likely the first thought anyone had after news that The Flash Season 3 would feature Tom Felton in a regular role was the meta-reaction from Harry Potter geek Cisco. Now, new details and photos from F.

Sep 30, 2013. Kicking off the series is Tom Felton, best known to audiences for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise. In Full Circle, his.

I realized I was doing an incredible job." At the same time, Lewis likes to keep in touch with his "Harry Potter" co-stars, such as Robbie Coltrane (Rebeus Hagrid) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). "I wo.

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton, 23, has revealed plans to start a rap music career. NewsFeed isn’t sure if he’s kidding. Felton said that he was “looking to get into the grime rap UK scene.” According.

Shock Till You Drop reports that Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, will be joining that already announced Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Julianna Guill, Luke Pasqualino and Suzanne Ford in Todd Lincol.

Tom Felton was born in Epsom, Interviews with Professors & More. The Wrap All 8 ‘Harry Potter’ Movies to Return to Theaters Next Month.

It’s already got the makings of a great infographic: “What the stars of Harry Potter did next. into a mini-series in 1980 by the BBC and starred Brian Cox, so perhaps Felton had the project recomme.

The “Green Lantern” panel was transcendent and “Sucker Punch” was audacious, but what about “Harry Potter”? A lot of fans said they felt like it was an afterthought or major disappointment with the ab.

Emma Watson has revealed she had a ‘huge crush’ on her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton. For more on Watson’s interview visit Seventeen. Tom Cruise, 56, models.

An interview with Tom Felton on HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 1; Plus an Update on RISE OF THE APES and his thoughts on Andy Serkis

Proctor’s son Thorndike Proctor married a Hannah Felton. The elder Proctor appears in as a character in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible (1996), and is portrayed in the film by Daniel Day-Lewis. Tom himself, of course, plays a wizard in the Harry Potter films.

Tom Felton, who portrays Draco Malfoy in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, has joined the cast of 20th Century Fox’s “Rise of the Apes.” Felton will play Brian Cox’s son, co-owner of the ape facility, in.

Jul 8, 2009. Interview with Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince. 1. Being able to show that Draco's more than a.

Emma Watson, Tom Felton, and Matthew Lewis can’t stop beaming in ‘Harry Potter’ reunion pic – It was a magical nostalgia for Pottermaniacs when Harry Potter stars Emma Watson, Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis had a reunion reliving their good Hogwarts days.

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Last week I hit the streets of London to chat with the cast and crew of HARRY POTTER. discussion with Potter bad boy Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy. But when I got back, I actually got to have a.

Jul 9, 2011. LONDON—Interviews with the main cast of “Harry Potter and the Deathly. TOM Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, said he “doesn't intend to.

What was the best thing about working on "Harry Potter"? Finishing it! It’s one of those things where you go, "Thank god it’s all over!" and then you get to see the final production. But working with.

Jul 12, 2011. When we last saw Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Deathly. Actor Tom Felton — who only looks evil — has played Malfoy for the last.

He rose to prominence for his role as Draco Malfoy in the film adaptions of the best-selling Harry Potter fantasy novels by J.K. Rowling. His performances in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry.

Like his Harry Potter character Draco Malfoy, Felton again is playing the group’s chief antagonist. His Logan is an angry young man, who is as much of a threat to himself, as he is to those around him.

Jul 20, 2018  · Tom Felton gets really into the game. During an interview at the convention, Tom opened up about not. who he famously played in Harry Potter.

Grint teamed up with another actor from the film, Tom Felton, on Scott Sternberg’s typically tongue-in-cheek Polaroid adventures. There are houses of cards, sure, and something called "The Magic Castl.

Tom Felton Talks FULL CIRCLE, Taking on So Much Neil LaBute Dialogue, MURDER IN THE FIRST, and the HARRY POTTER Legacy. Full Circle airs on DirecTV.

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A video of Harry Potter movie stars Alfred Enoch and Ton Felton who spent a day watching the first Test match between Australia and South Africa at Gabba, Brisbane. Ed Cowan and Michael Clarke smashed.

In spite of the trailer’s bigger-is-better affectations, it looks to be a curiously modest effort: Tom Felton, who sniveled memorably as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” films, is by far the most re.

Check out this preview of what’s to come on new TV series Murder In The First – with a new role for Tom Felton

It’s been seven years since the release of the final Harry Potter film, but it looks like the franchise’s cast is still going strong with their reunions.

Salazar Slytherin, Voldemort’s maternal ancestor. By Harry Potter’s time, Tom’s family on his mother Merope’s side were the last known members of the House of Gaunt.The Gaunts were an ancient, and formerly wealthy, wizarding family, noted for producing individuals with violent and unstable personalities due to generations of inbreeding.

Feb 17, 2015  · Tom Felton Was ‘Devastated’ to Be Sorted Into Gryffindor (Exclusive Photos & Interview) Tom Felton loses his bad boy swagger for the new exclusive portrait session pics.

And this crush confession won’t come as a shock to Tom, so he won’t have to worry that he blew his chances! “He totally knows,” Emma explains. “We talked about it — we still laugh about it. We are rea.

. Felton was kept in the dark about his character It’s been more than three years since Tom Felton played the villainous Draco Malfoy in the final Harry Potter film, but whilst he may have hung up h.

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A post shared by Tom Felton (@t22felton) on Apr 16, 2018 at 4:33am PDT Felton, Watson and Lewis co-starred in all eight of the Harry Potter movies. Watson said in an interview with Seventeen in January that.

The blond badboy of the Harry Potter world, Tom "Draco Malfoy" Felton. is set to come out until September 2011, but Felton had occasion to chat it up a little in a recent interview with the L.A. Ti.

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During a recent interview, MTV’s Josh Horowitz taught the British actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Tom Felton how to pronounce some traditional American phrases like "Olive Gard.

Tom Felton, Actor: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Tom Felton was born in Epsom, Surrey, to Sharon and Peter Felton. He has been acting since he was 8 years old at the suggestion of an actress friend of his family who recognized Felton…

Fans of the “Harry Potter” movies want to see. the documentary will be titled “Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics.” While on set in Spain for another project, Felton took part in a phone interview to ta.

Jul 17, 2009. Tom Felton was 12-years-old when he first won the role of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. At the time. Watch a scene from the film, and see an on-set interview with Tom Felton: Video Player.

tom felton interview funny – Google Search. 6 reasons why I love Draco Malfoy / Tom Felton harry potter, draco malfoy and tom felton image on We Heart It

Draco Malfoy is Harry Potter’s archenemy. He’s sinister, conniving, and clever. (At least that’s what he thinks.) Unlike Tom Felton who portrays Draco in the movies. Entertainment Editor Marie Morreale caught up.